Thursday, September 26, 2019


Finding a magnificent girl friend is like chasing after a lost dog.

That's not important now.

The most important Topic right now is 


In Nigeria today, the rate at which people take their own life has become a thing of major concern. Depression and frustration have hoodwinked some people into believing that the only possible way out of their miserable condition is suicide.
People now try out different deadly measures in an attempt to commit suicide ranging from drinking of pesticides (‘SNIPER’ especially), jumping from very high buildings, grabbing of high-tension wires, and so on. These suicidal attempts are what trends now in the Nigerian society.
The social media is littered with the news of many suicidal attempts and unfortunately, those that attempt suicide more these days are young undergraduates. Few months ago, Facebook carried many suicidal cases that occurred in the University of Benin, the University of Port-Harcourt, and some other remote places here in Nigeria. These suicidal cases really shook the social world and it also led to the Nigerian government banning the ‘SNIPER’ pesticide in an attempt to curb the alarming rate of how it has been abused.
Honestly speaking, Nigerians need to come to the awareness that committing suicide is never the solution to any problem. No matter how depressed, angry, or frustrated you may feel, just know that there are many things you can try to feel better. You can try seeing a counselor, talking to a friend, visiting a therapist, etc. I assure you that when you’ve exhausted all these measures, the urge to take your life will fade.             

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